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Pain in the ass

How the logo came to be

May 22, 2023

It all started Nov 2021 when I moved to the beautiful seaside city of Burgas, Bulgaria to live with my lovely girl. Changing the town of course means you’re in a new environment and I started eagerly exploring it right away … online 🙂 where can I practice my hobbies, what interests groups are there around, any professional networking events, etc.

Couple of months in I’m organizing a local dev meetup group that I created very spontaneously and I have this though in my head that it definitely needs a logo. What is a meetup group without a logo? Just some weird gathering of random people, am I right?

So … it was on, logo time.

But what should the logo be? OK, it’s a dev thing, cool. And it’s a seaside town. So it definitely should be an anchor! The <a> thing? With the href? No? OK ….

You just put some headline above it or some punch line below it and it’s practically ready 🙂

OK, OK, you’re right. A dumb idea but you got to start somewhere. And that somewhere has a name, and it’s called Themeforest! So, iteration 2, I go to Themeforest (or Graphicriver, or whatever Envato marketplace) and start browsing random keywords and looking at pages and pages of images searching for some other inspiration … and little I know that the moment I see something like this and it clicks …

It gotta be a pirate!

We’re not huge on pirates in Bulgaria generally, not really a part of our tales but plays OK with the whole marine theme. Not too stereotypical locally, yet again recognizable for foreigners, can somehow play a bit with the general dev/nerd theme … but how? And so The Search for The Correct Pirate began. And boy, oh boy, do them pirates come in all different shapes and sizes. You got the cartoonish folk:

You also have the friendly-next-door-treasure-hunting-pirate:

Of course you have the grumpy one, the scary one, the ugly one and the most common of them all – the dead/undead one. Or let’s jut call it the skull mark:

Oviously none of them does the job. I’m not exaggerating, I spent multiple hours looking at pirates and evaluating their potential to be a dev meetup logo material. None of them did.

Until this boy came around

Not much of a pirate, is he? But he has potential. Let’s start with the fact he’s a total geek. It’s even written there. All he needs is some street … sea credibility, gotta do a course or two in Coursera about piracy and he’s gonna be ready. So.

Where do we start? We drop the CSS and HTML, of course. That’s lame. No true pirate talks about those. He deals with them on daily basis but he ignores them, like the annoying mosquitoes they are, arrghhh. And a patch. So obvious. He needs a patch

We keep the original color. Green. So convenient for the JS theme (yeah, it became JS -> Dev later, don’t worry about it). We also throw in the name of the meetup group to his side & the first punch line that came to my mind. Come on, we all see it, I know you do too – we sail this SHIT together, don’t we?

But yet, there’s something missing. He’s not really a pirate, is he? Could as well be a boy with the misfortune of getting a pair of glasses that protect the eyes from the sun only at 50%. A very obvious 50%.

He needs a beard. Doesn’t he? What kind of a geeky, nerdy developer is he without a beard. Yes, he definitely needs a beard. And I definitely have a problem. For the life of me I can’t draw him a beard. Believe me, I’ve tried. For a couple of hours. And then came THE RESQUE. My girl, you know, she’s very good at drawing. And she saved my sanity (as she always does) and drew him this magnificent white beard.

He’s really cool, ain’t he? Well, I decided to play around a bit more and got him a sailor’s hat. Yes, you can call me captain Obvious but I somehow needed him to have another attribute to make the pirate thing a bit more … obvious.

Hm, he’s not a pirate is he? Nothing piratey about him.

OK, a sailor works for me too, I guess. At least the beard makes him geeky and my hat makes him a someone who AT LEAST have seen a body of water larger than a garden pond. That will do …

And so it did. For a while. Until it became obvious the whole JS thing in the meetup makes no sense. There is only one meetup group in our city after all, no need to scare off people that are not that into JavaScript and its mysterious ways.

So it became BurgasDev. Or Or;

Whatever, write it as you wish.

Oh, and it’s blue now.

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