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Lubomir Varbanov
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[Presentation] Introduction to Docker for software devs

September 19, 2019

Using docker for many years now – both for production and development – I consider myself a true proponent of containerization. Being inert enough I needed some time to adopt the technology but it’s one of those situations where the more you use it, the more you love it and at some point I started preaching.

Over the years the teams I’ve been part of had so much trouble keeping the dev environments synced – it’s just outrageous. We went from everybody being 100% responsible for their dev machine (which sometimes meant a day or two being unavailble due to “installing my new machine”), through a shared VM with all the deps yoou need. And you know what … it was always reaaaly bad. There’s a reason devs came up with tools like nvm, but you all love switching the node version for different projetcts, don’t ya?

I gave this presentation to the dev team of a 1000+ employees consortium, focusing mainly on what it can contribute to their dev process. Starting with the basics and focusing on the difference between containers and VMs (as they’ve been very familiar with the VMs) and going a bit further with the possible practical advantages for them


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