Lubomir Varbanov

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Lubomir Varbanov
Tech entrepreneur
CTO as a service
  • Residence:
    Europe, Bulgaria
  • Web Applications
  • Full-stack Development
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • DevOps & MLOps
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Code Reviews
  • Talks and Lectures
  • Working with Startups
  • Dev Consultancy
  • Community Building
Sense of humor
Pain in the ass


How the logo came to be
May 22, 2023 /
How the logo came to be

It all started Nov 2021 when I moved to the beautiful seaside city of Burgas, Bulgaria to live with my…

[Presentation] Why I hate TypeScript
September 28, 2022 /, Talks, TypeScript
[Presentation] Why I hate TypeScript

As part of the September 2022 meetup I had the joy to give a talk on TypeScript and my…

[Presentation] Why BurgasJS
June 8, 2022 /, Talks, TypeScript
[Presentation] Why BurgasJS

My personal situation happily made me switch residence from the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia to the lovely seaside town…

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